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These are our three key steps that we work through when helping to transform your business.

Engagement Phase

Deep-diving into your business to understand you, so we can craft a tailor made digital blueprint for your digital transformation, ensuring buy-in from the C-Suite through to frontline teams. This is where we talk to your teams and consult with key-stakeholders to build engagement.

Discovery Phase

The evaluation part - where business  projects and processes are assessed to see where value can be added, if projects align with the business direction and impact on the digital ecosystem. Ultimately this comes together to form the digital roadmap. We’re also looking to find opportunities to reduce friction for teams and customers, and to remove waste from your processes.

Embed & Delivery Phase

Empowering your team - forming experts with training, ensuring success with pilots, setting up frameworks, to gradual handover - MetaB3E guides and celebrates every milestone.

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Customers we have been lucky enough to support:

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Our Course Topics


Immersive ways to enhance customer and employee experience strategy, complaints, recovery, delight, customer service, journey maps


How to create, refine and manage a full patient experience, built on empathy, confidence and capability


Tools & techniques to build and drive a high performing team, and to create a lasting strategic direction


Using Lego® Serious Play® to create a shared, collaborative, tangible and bought into strategy or vision


Project management principles; templates, techniques, methodologies, terminology


Immersive simulation with characters, and evolving scenarios. Putting yourself in your customers shoes


A foundation in sustainability, diversity and inclusion. Practical steps, business impacts, hearts and minds

Team Building

Fun, creative, social events to bring teams together

& Change

Changing culture and mindsets, managing stakeholders, values and vision creation


Understanding and implementing digital transformation with a very human lens. Case studies and tools


Emotional intelligence, resilience building, self awareness, communication, empathy


Personality profiling, communication preferences, conflict resolution, goals and purpose

lego serious play

A fun, effective and versatile methodology to generate ideas, design customer journeys, agree company values or create a shared vision/mission or strategy in a very tangible, three-dimensional way. Especially effective for the C-suite, but suitable for all levels; LSP drives stakeholder engagement, removes hierarchies and allows everyone a share of the speaking time, as everyone builds and everyone shares.

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team dynamics


With personality profiling

With our Team Dynamics course, you’ll explore the drivers for each personality type, strengths, concerns, behaviours, and causes of conflict. It is designed to help a team understand and appreciate each other better, whilst providing several light bulbs for each individual, about themselves. Great for team building and can be offered with or without individual personality profiles and coaching.

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Case Studies:

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“MetaB3E's tech identified there was a 27% saving available on the energy spend of the air handling units in our building.”

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“Great at solving challenges and thinking out side of the box when needing to ensure the system is of best benefit for the customer.”

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“Fantastic analysis which identified many targeted options for operational efficiencies.”