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Hard-Worker bees

Imagine Fred and George from Harry Potter making magic with technology. Imagine Scooby Doo and Shaggy solving your energy wastage mysteries. Imagine two brothers from Leeds taking on some of the biggest names in FM...

The bee's knees

Efficient, hard-working and connected by a hive mind, we believe bees are the perfect symbol for our company culture and service sector. They are also amazing little groovers... just as we are.. if Dad-Dancing is your thing!!

  • number one

    Hard working

    Bees really graft - and so do we! You'll see that when you meet us. We'll always follow through for you.

  • number two

    Two Antennae

    The bee’s antennae is like a human’s nose. However, you won’t be smelling any IoT corporate spin BS with us!

  • number three

    Team workers

    Worker bees lick the larvae and the queen when not at work. We won’t lick you, but we’ll make you feel part of our awesome team!

  • number four

    Flying far and wide

    A tiny bee can fly up to five miles for food. MetaB3e will go the extra mile for you and your customers - wherever you are in the UK.

  • number five

    Helping the planet

    Bees pollinate vital plants, and we take a leaf out of their book with sustainability - our tech is all about reducing your carbon footprint!

  • number six

    Seeing differently

    Bees have two little extra eyes used to navigate by the sun. We’ll quickly orientate ourselves to the biggest bang for your buck!

Get to know us

Meet our team

mark bee

Mark Parker

Strategically leading through innovation and change, our MD also manages all our marketing and is a whizz on TikTok!

john bee

John Parker

Our Chief Operating Officer John leads our electrical compliance side of the business, and is our lead engineer.

sharon bee

Sharon Boyd

Our Chief Customer Officer and Queen Bee’s aim is to ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible.

roger bee

Roger Sturgess

Is that a B-52 rumbling overhead? Oh no, it’s just our old-school Head of Compliance bumble bee.

greg bee

Greg Austin

Greg is John's right hand man - and manages our engineers to ensure we provide quality and service on site.

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Deadly serious about safety, security and your needs.

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"Captured and analysed, this data has allowed Wates FM, JLL and Royal London to monitor usage and behaviours to inform energy management, reduce energy consumption and ultimately generate carbon and cost savings"

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"Being able to see live, what the site is using from an energy point of view, is really powerful; data normally hidden from view is now visible and inescapable"

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