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Fine tune your facilities and fight rising costs, strict energy targets and wasted time.

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We all know great tech companies have got to start from somewhere, whether it’s a garage, a backroom or bedroom. It’s important to keep those roots, it’s what keeps MetaB3e grounded. However, you also need to know you’re in the safe hands of professionals.

We take safety, cyber security, and competencies very seriously here. Rest assured we’re ConstructionLine "Gold" members, your data is safe as we’re Cyber Essentials "Plus" certified and you’re in the hands of experts as we’re NICEIC certified.

Take a look at some of our distinguished clients and come join the MetaB3E express!

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In a nutshell, what we offer is electrical compliance and driving the E in ESG - all under one roof.

Never mind reactive maintenance, what about proactive maintenance? What if you had contractors that could not only perform your fixed wire test and general electrical maintenance but could also (at the same time) digitalise your estate?

That is what digital FM is all about, highly skilled engineers that are skilled in electrical engineering and all things IoT. Sounds expensive? Nope, there are huge cost savings available with this method (beyond the traditional PPM approach), think about it….you’ve been asked to get a grip of your energy spend/usage, but you also need your five-year fixed wire test carrying out. The board cover is already off, why not fit an energy management system at the same time, save on a second visit and additional labour, and avoid the need for multiple contractors. What are you waiting for?

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Proven savings for the customer - every time. In our experience this has been c.10% reduction in first year energy costs.

Live energy consumption data.

Prove savings to client.

Easy software integration.

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Provide excellent visitor experiences while saving time and money.

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Reduce wastage and raise hygiene levels with fridge door monitoring.

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air conditioning

Air conditioning

Ensure your building is heated and cooled sufficiently.

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Internet of things

You don't need wires
to fight fires!

Connect your facilities in new, exciting ways providing many benefits to you and your customers.



Revolutionise your BMS with no need to have an expensive rip and replace solution.

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By far one of the biggest costs in your organisation is energy usage. At MetaB3E, we know that saving energy is important for your P&L, and of course it has the added benefit of being better for the environment, great for your business’s green agenda!

  • Reduce energy spend

  • Gather real-time data

  • People focused

  • Always up to date

  • Meet green targets

  • Save energy on the go

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Deep Mahida
Deep Mahida Chief Relationship Director

"Excellent customer service backing up an innovative approach to all things IoT and ESG"

Electrical compliance? covered.

  • Ensuring your building is safe and compliant is a great foundation to build your optimisation plan on.

  • Compliance is a legal requirement. So, if you have an engineer on site, why not also fit IoT sensors?

  • Contracts change all the time. Your engineers can be TUPE’d across, the technology can’t...

  • We also fulfil traditional electrical projects such as emergency lighting, thermal imaging and fire safety.

The ins and outs of IoT

Sound simple? With us, it always is.

We pride ourselves on making it easy to do business with us. And that means at all steps of the journey. If it's not, we'll remedy it pronto!!


Need a bespoke solution? Try us.

Each of our customers are unique - and we are very 'can do' - so if you aren't sure of anything or just want to throw ideas around - just shout us!

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Need a bespoke solution? Try us.

Each of our customer's are unique - and we are very 'can do' - so if you aren't sure of anything or just want to throw ideas around - just shout us!