Sep 28, 2021

What's been going down? The Skydive Edition!

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Sharon completed a 48-hour fast for World vision - raising over £200 and then slept rough and raised over a £1000 for YMCA as part of the leaders of Milton Keynes event. She had a very attractive bobble hat to sleep in. Sexy, it was not. We did another thing - a charity tandem Skydive down in Salisbury. We survived. Oh HELLLLLL yes!!! So far, the senior team have raised over £600. Well do a podcast on this, but suffice to say - it was mind-blowing. Diving headfirst into oblivion at 120mph at 15,000ft is pretty exhilarating!!! Mark showed us all how it was done, by fearlessly leaping out first, and giving his instructor one hell of an adrenaline rush!! His instructor actually thanked him. We wonder if he hit terminal velocity?!

Sharon had a slight wardrobe misfunction on landing, in full view of the team, the camera man and any other unsuspecting passer-by. Thankfully, the cameraman spared (some of) her blushes and (not at all) inconspicuously launched his viewfinder towards the sky once he realised! But there was no vomit, drool, greenies, or nose bleeds - so otherwise a roaring success!

Please do sponsor us if you can - its for the Mind Charity and is very close to our hearts.
Oh yeah - and we launched two new podcast series this month - Here to TinPot Two - which is just amazing already!! We talk about anything and everything - book reviews, film reviews, current affairs, interesting/intriguing/cheeky topics mainly! Our very first podcast was about the COMPLETE beast that is David Goggins - ex-navy seal and Ultra-runner - check him out he is incredible. We reviewed his book - Cant Hurt Me. Its a corker!! We absolutely loved his thinking - how when your brain is ready to give up in exercise, your body is only 40% done, or how to be uncommon amongst the uncommon - we really do recommend it!!

Our second podcast was a film review of Aliens, our third - the Cars edition - which is all about the passon wagons weve had the pleasure to drive/race/slobber over!!! Number four - to show we really do mix things up, is about the harrowing record from the Holocaust times - the book review of Ordinary Men. Check out our socials to watch the replays.

The second podcast series is about grit and resilience, and is called Hold Your Own Hand. The first topic is all about the physical effects of burn out. This podcast compliments our Resilience courses (virtual ones currently available on event-brite) - which are accredited by the Customer Institute. We also run these courses in-person at corporate events. We have a published Resilience book, available on Amazon - Resilience for Customer Facing Teams, which accompanies the course.

This month of September, we have several White Pumpkins - these are such exciting events for us and our customers, and immerse our customers in their own customer experience, with some leadership and CX training along the way - they are a treat to deliver and always receive cracking feedback!! Give us a poke for more info.

Were putting ourselves out there this month (as usual), with lots of live recordings - there have been plenty of fantastic topics - Entrepreneurial Parents and Tech and Implementation to name just a few!

TikTok - wow our account has exploded!! Mark really is awesome at TikToks! Check us out @ManukaTech and @HereAtTinpotTwo. Were also on Clubhouse! I know, I know, we are everywhere. Like ticks. Did you see what we did there?!

Mark has been working down South - down in Penzance, flashing his legs at all the old dears as he has run up and down the coastal paths in his shorts! Hes also completed Energy audits for HMRC recently, and helping our customers hit their carbon zero targets.

As usual, John and the team have been out and about bringing joy, IoT solutions, tea and electrical prowess to the people of the UK.

Sharon has been overwhelmed to have received a Women In Tech Awards nomination and made it to finalist!! She is currently trying her best to squeeze herself in to a red satin floor-length frock. So far, it is not happening. There will be a lot of unattractive grunting whilst trying to zip up that badboy on the night! Safety pins, super glue and vaseline at the ready!! Actually, lets just have the fire brigade on standby. You know, just incase…

Surely we need to sign off with Stay Hard (Goggins style?!) for this one?!!

So, erm yeah, Stay Hard!

Team MetaB3e.