Aug 21, 2021

We did a thing!!!!!!

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Let’s start with the new additions to the MetaB3e family!!! So we have two new fantastic people to bolster our Office Team - the lovely Sarah who is leading our 24/7 Customer Helpdesk and the super-efficient Sasha who completes all our important admin. We’d be lost without them already! They are holed up in our new office in Wakefield - which boasts high ceilings, lots of light, banging tunes, its’ very own kitchenette, a swanky-swank neon sign (or two), shrubbery (well, plant-like things - I don’t know, I can’t be trusted around greenery!), a pair of tin pots, essential joker masks, gallons of Yorkshire Tea, chocolate (in the fridge - I blame the boys - it should be able to melt in your mouth!) and a partridge… nope - a podcast sound booth coming soon!! The new office really embodies the huge amount of growth we’ve had over the last year - we were busting at the seams in the last one!

We’re self-funded which we are very proud of - bootstrapping alllllll the way, but we also now have Hitachi behind us to support us when we need it most. This was a real achievement to be supported in this way - and we say a big thank you to our financial partners.

Greg. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Greg. He is our lead engineer and supervises our growing troupe of guys, and what an absolute star he is!! We wanted to take this opportunity to say well done and thank you Greg - you rock!! Oh, and he’s recently become a Dad again - two little boys to add to the future MetaB3e gang!

Part of this growing engineering troupe are Martin and Brandon - two engineers who are really living the MetaB3e values and delivering A1 service – we are very lucky indeed with our team!

Speaking of rocking service and awesome engineers - Our growth is very much down to John’s (our COO) hard work and relationship building skills. John has been hitting the road with loads of client visits at swanky household-name sites. Sadly we can’t share the brand names, so you’ll have to trust us on this one - but do give John and our boys, a cheery wave if you see us flying up and down the motorways from here to Timbuktu (future clue….!!)

Mark our MD, completed a bonkers social experiment - he tasked himself to graft for six months solid, with no days off - 37 hours straight on some of those days. There were some real learnings from this experiment. Not least how much you can really achieve when you put your mind to it, though also the odd moment of absolute gibberish - almost spilling his secrets when he was so tired he dozed off for a millisecond; mid-convo! What a commitment!! Amazing, Mark!!

Over at MetaB3e CX, our Customer Experience side of the business; Sharon spoke at Kiwebs Customer Experience Transformation Conference and has been a Judge for the UK Business Awards - with some absolutely out of the park entries, in the mix! She’s still regularly coaching C-suite level and has been training out customer experience techniques to those in Iran and France - with live translators. This brings a whole interesting additional dynamic - especially when they get excited and revert to their own languages or write in arabic - Sharon has bob-hope on that one!!

What else - ah yes. We did a thing!!! This one is a whopper!!! So we launched our own book. I know, right!!! It’s called ‘You’re CX’y and We Know It’ and is full of spunky anecdotes, key takeaways and calls to action. I am proud as punch of us as a leadership team for doing this - we wrote, edited and published in just twelve weeks (well and a day, much to Mark’s dismay!). A full eighty chapters. Apart from a gentle push from our publisher (Rockstar CX!) we did everything else inhouse. Filthyyyyyyyyyy ; )

If you want a laugh but also practical leadership advice - this book is for you - check us out on Amazon! We still haven’t properly celebrated this (tut tut) so do shame us into doing this at some point!!

Our skydive is coming in hot – September!! So hopefully we’ll still be here next month…. But if you’d like to sponsor us (PLEASE!) then pop over to one of our socials – our link is everywhere!

Tune in again with us next month - you know how we always have a lot to say - and we’re very much open to invites again now - as in actual face to face - real life 4d human interactions!! So if you happen to be a real 4d human - look us up and come and test out our tea and (colder than necessary) choccy. We (mostly) promise not to get too giddy and try sit in your lap.

In a bit…

Team MetaB3e