Sep 26, 2020


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This month, we pitched to one of the world’s biggest banks and received awesome feedback! (Well obvs, would you expect anything less from MetaB3e?!) Mark our MD absolutely rocked everyone’s socks off - he describes the results as ‘giving one of the big boys a bloody nose’, as our scoring came out tops!! This is one of the highlights of our year, what an opportunity. We wanted to show behind the scenes, so went straight into an IoTsy broadcast to show our thoughts immediately after our pitch! Speaking of which - The legendary IoTsy - our podcast series, went from strength to strength - go check it out on our YouTube channel!

We crammed in a few projects along the way of course… like completing an internal audit on our cyber security and obtaining our Cyber Essentials Plus certification. The main cyber security credentials needed for government bids (and it has been needed - hint hint hint - more on that soon )

We launched our new Customer Experience (CX) consulting arm - MetaB3e CX. Thats just a cheeky teaser…more on that next month! Sharon joined the Customer Institute as a Director, and has also been a guest on a CX show, enhancing our CX credibility even further. We celebrated CX day by hosting a workshop about Customer Recovery best practice, and ran a giveaway of our Customer Experience book; receiving a lot of interest. In the end - we decided to give away 3 books! We had some SERIOUSLY shhhhmooookin’ five star customer reviews this month and our first newsletter went out to our customers from our new, swanky CRM!

Our lovely junior developer intern Ash headed back to uni and we said au revoir, wishing her all the luck in the world as she continues her studies. We bought her a yoga mat, we hope she didn’t have too much of a nightmare getting it home on the train… I can just imagine… annnnnddd ZEN!

Our office - as if not gorgeous enough already, had a new addition in the form of a neon sign. We do love a bit of neon. John and Mark’s term for the office ambience with the new sign and the lava lamp on; is ‘boo-shzeee’. I have absolutely no idea how you spell that, but hopefully you’ll get the feel for it!

Here is a quick video about cyber security - MetaB3e style!!

Cyber Security IoT Video

And how about an awful Dad style joke to send you on your way?

Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and argon walk into a bar.

The bartender shouts at them: “GET OUT!”

They didn’t react.

I slapped my ‘neon’ that one… did you? ; )

In a bit…

Team MetaB3e