Dec 18, 2019

The rollercoaster ride of a year that was 2019

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Hello to all of you jim-dandy-people!

This time I am going to be self-indulgent. I’m not going to speak to the team; I’m going to go through my favourite moments/achievements like a little sunny (and slightly gangster) ghost of Christmas past!!

What will make it on to my prestigious list of corkers? Okay, lets bomb through my top 10… rack 'em up fellas!!

Drum rolllllllll…

  1. Numero Uno… Becoming an official distributer of BEST technologies meaning we could install our famous EMS product and tech - its pretty cool that by the way, if you don’t have one on your premises… then have a little word with yourself (or better still John or Mark!) This led to number 2…

  2. Mark taking flight at a VIP guest day at Silverstone race track, like an international millionaire playboy… I was dead jealous. I only get to write about this stuff!!

  3. The thrilling airside visits to Gatwick and Luton airports to win a customer data project with a FTSE 100 company - easyJet. This adding to all the other big names the boys seem to attract with their animal magnetism/northern charm/pheromones/downright sexiness/hard graft and authenticity… either way - Hot, right?

  4. John and Mark working at Rare at Microsoft! Geeking out, big time!!

  5. The colossal success of our website, being launched!!! It is slick. It is sexy. Have ya seen it? Have ya? Have ya?!! It keeps getting better and better. Oh and whilst I’m on it - have you seen our beautiful and badass binary bee? (I am high-key in love with him, myself 😍).

  6. The relentless hard graft from the team, meant we had huge like for like growth, and the brothers celebrated by visiting Porsche, Aston Martin and Ferrari dealerships!! Well there is nothing like a visual goal to spur you on!!

  7. Our website and bee then went on to be plastered all over Leeds Football ground; with MetaB3e as its new digital sponsor! This was such an exhilarating time, seeing our brand everywhere, on TV, on the big screens and in print!

The brothers met the Leeds United legends, with much fun and laughter (naughty words - not from our boys!).

  1. Of course, then the launch of Mechanical and Electrical IoT!! Dynamite!!! This was launched at our first ever conference, and MetaB3e won ‘best stand’, and completely rocked it!! Even Kop Kat from Leeds United dropped in to support. We have friends in high places. A second office, new additions to the team, and more vans were definitely needed!

  2. We then sponsored Matrix Motorsport’s race car!! This MASSIVELY gets my pulse racing. This is when I knew I really worked for an awesome company! I know they did this just for me… 😉

  3. The boys then were invited to a Dragon’s Den event, with Facilities and Energy giant Wates!! They of course, nailed their pitch, and are now official partners (16 chosen out of 150!!) Piece of cakeeeee. This is already opening all sorts of doors that our competitors can only dream of.

  4. We now have TWO of our own products in the pipeline!!


I can’t tell you how exciting this is!! We can’t share much about this, for obvious (and boring, sorry!) reasons, but a little bird told me of a plan for a BIG product launch for some time next year… and you know that this being MetaB3e, it will be something on the good side of outrageous, memorable and authentic. The little, joyous (and may I say, foxy?) ghost of Christmas future will keep you in the know!!

All that and a bag of chips!!!

(I actually looked this phrase up, whhhhatttt don’t knock my geekiness!) - it is used to ‘describe something that is meritorious beyond belief. Like actually so good’. I’d agree with that!!

If we don’t see you before Chrimbo, have a smasher of one from MetaB3e and the whole team, don’t do anything we wouldn’t… 😉