Apr 29, 2020

A quantum leap...

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We’ve focussed on getting through, like many of you. This has certainly held many downs for us, though thankfully several ups too. Here is to us all landing sunny-side-up!!

For many SME’s, the announcement from the chancellor that there would be help to pay salaries and loans, was welcome news. But the devil is in the detail, and there has been lots of confusion and sleepless nights, about whether businesses are liquid enough to pay all the upfront wage costs before the government refund; which doesn’t seem to have a clear timeline. Originally loans were also needing to be personally guaranteed by businesses, meaning SME’s held the risk. This created a delay in applying. Banks have also become a bottleneck, where some have received a 6000% increase in calls. This means SME’s can’t apply for the loans they may require, adding even more stress to leaders. If you have felt this stress, we feel you! Mark was interviewed for an article which is going out in the U.S. The reporter reached out, wanting to get the lowdown on Mark’s viewpoint as a leader of an SME on what the next 3 to 6 months may hold for businesses. Total FAME… don’t worry we won’t let the utter stardom go to his head! No. I am not calling you Sir ; )

So what have we been up to? As always, you know we can’t sit on our hands.

As well as becoming addicts/celebrities on TikTok, navigating through home-schooling, finding a true appreciation for teachers and all key workers (HUGE thank you to our NHS!!!) and getting down and dirty with cinnamon (please don’t ask)…

We have invested a large amount of time and effort into ensuring the Customer Experience (CX) that our clients receive with us, is the absolute bee’s knees. We’ve created an entirely new CX strategy, mapped our IoT install onboarding journey, identified and removed customer pain points and really focussing on what it means to be a MetaB3e client. We’ve created customer service behaviours to ensure our team have the best guidance to wow you when they reach your sites. And because we are MetaB3e, there is none of the usual platitudes and crap that you normally see pinned to the wall; our CX strategy is unique, closely linked to our culture and MO, and is very US. We know our competitors would love to replicate our success, but it just isn’t happening!! We’ve created several videos on our YouTube channel and all over the socials, to tell you all about it. Go and sniff it out, you’re in for a treat!! One of the elements is “We won’t polish a turd, nor will we roll it in glitter, you only get cutting edge tech with us.”

Which is the absolutely perfect segue (pronounced ‘segway’ incase you also had to look that up! Also wouldn’t a segway be cool right now?) to our aforementioned ‘cutting edge tech’…

We announced in our last blog that we were transitioning further into the sexy world of IoT and tech, and this period of pause has cemented our thinking. The world has needed to embrace digital processes and remote working technology, and IoT is at the forefront of this. We have launched our very own IoT solution called (drumroll please!) Renegade; along with multiple products. These include an IoT platform, an EMS, a smart city product, a wellbeing product, a security system and a fever recognition system (timely, huh?)

Not just that, but we have a brand new sister company to MetaB3e Innovation, called Manuka Technology. Manuka honey is absolute top of the range honey, which matches very well with our new brand. If it was possible, Manuka is even foxier than MetaB3e and is the IoT branding arm. You’ll see lots more about Manuka Tech and Renegade in the coming months. We are sooo stoked to finally share this with you, it’s been top secret for months!!! I can finally stop worrying about being kidnapped, held down and tickled until I spill the company secrets!

Because we are true geeks at heart; we have gone a little loopy over the quantum computing advancements. We know you would not expect anything less, and today’s blog ends with some interesting facts on this very topic.

  1. In order to keep quantum computers stable, they need to be cold. That’s why the inside of an example quantum computer is -460 Fahrenheit.

  2. Superposition is the term used to describe the quantum state where particles can exist in multiple states at the same time. (THIS blew my mind!!) Can I be in two places at once? Anyway, jumping ahead - this allows them to look at many different variables at once. Imagine the technological advancements!!! >Fans face<.

  3. They use binary (oh we love a bit of binary in MetaB3e - if you haven’t met our binary bee yet then trust me, she’s a looker!!), but also qubits which have a third state which allows them to represent a one or a zero at the same time. Quebits exhibit properties of ‘quantum entanglement’, (basically meaning particles are tangled together). I know, right?!!. Either way, it makes for some beautiful processing power!!! Machine learning could mean that a stable quantum computer could solve a problem in seconds rather than hundreds of thousands of years. S-s-s-smokin’!

  4. Speaking of beautiful… have you seen them? They are absolute works of art. And fragile. Any kind of vibration impacts the atoms.
    (Turn down the bass, mate, yeah?)

  5. Oh and they are greener than ‘classic’ computers. Say whaaattt? Yep. They use ‘quantum tunnelling’ which means a reduction in power consumption by 100 to 1000 times.

I feel like after all these new-fangled words, we should create some of our own.

I’m going to say a cheeky ‘quantum cheerio’ to you, and wish you well as you segway around your living rooms tomorrow!

In a qu-bit,