Oct 30, 2020

Move over Nigella!

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So. October. Our MD Mark, had his birthday (29 again), complete with a cheeky Colin the Caterpillar cake; and John, armed with his thermal camera could be found working hard at the BMW plant, which was absolutely massive! As a beemer girl, I was feeling a little green looking at the pictures - what a gig! Though the boys being boys, decided to check which areas of their own bodies were the hottest. You can guess the sort of images I could’ve been party to, had I not been too busy looking in the opposite direction… : )

The team are involved in a large bid for a huge sustainable redevelopment in London, and we rocked a green dragons den event, with Wates, as an Innovation Partner! The opportunities we have going on (including a development at John and Mark’s old stomping ground!) at the moment are epic. Exciting times!

Sharon was a judge at the UK CX awards and was inspired by the fantastic entries across the utilities category, the event raised over £4k for Barnado’s. Miss Millie MetaB3e, the dancing cockerpoo got in on the action, with a good old boogie, at the virtual awards after party. The whole thing has been immortalised - since it was streamed live onto YouTube!

MetaB3e CX launched in earnest this month, with our team supporting one of our main clients with a Voice of the Customer workshop and customer journey mapping - all done virtually! Our team deliver fantastic customer experience everyday - even in the small interactions, like picking up a client a sandwich, when they know the client will miss lunch! We became a Dementia Friendly organisation, pledging that all our team members would have dementia awareness as part of their onboarding. This is part of our CX strategy, where we ensure we support those who are vulnerable in our community. Sharon has signed up to the CEO sleep out to raise money for homelessness, by sleeping rough for a night and we are well on our way to donating 500 items to local food banks this month. Unloading and reloading trolleys - has been the most exercise I’ve had in weeks - though I think I gave the Aldi till lady a run for her money with my shopping trolly loading - just call me speedy gonzalez!

Speaking of tinned goods, Mark showed off his prowess in the kitchen by sharing a video of his culinary skills - cooking a ‘gourmet’ Fray Bentos pie. Nigella, step aside, we have a new boy in town!

We invested strongly in our IoT platform this month, creating dashboards to show the art of the possible to our clients. We’ll share more about these soon. Oh we do so like to tease!!!

LinkedIn introduced the story function - Mark in true MetaB3e style took the opportunity to sing. Our culture on show, right there!! Down to earth, real and funny. Singing (and lots of laughter) is par for the course with us! (Just be relieved that I leave the singing to the guys).

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Team MetaB3e

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