Aug 4, 2020

MOT & Mars!

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I’d say let’s start with the ‘whoppers’ first, but they are pretty much all whoppers at MKL ; )

5G - well we submitted our bid as part of a 5G consortium! We are chuffed to be part of this (check our swagger!!), and the IoT and 5G project that we are scoping as part of this, is (to quote Mark) ‘absolute tip of the spear’. It is so cutting edge that some of the tech we need to deliver it, doesn’t even exist in the market yet! Boooooya!!!

We’ve won some amazing contracts recently through our partners Wates, and we are gearing up for an extremely busy summer period. We’re fully strapped in for driving all over the country, pulling all nighters and flying by the seat of our pants - which is exactly how we like it! Our new branded IoT install stickers arrived this week, so look out for our bee and deets in a superstore/airport/restaurant/hospital/hotel near you - we really do get about!

Another whopper - you’ll know that we are digital partners of Leeds football club - well in the short time that we have been digital partners - Leeds have been promoted into the Premiership! John and Mark went to Elland Road last week to celebrate, charm and have dinner with the other partners, and to have a snap with the huge trophy! Marching on Together!!! (MoT!)

People changes - we have a new junior developer - Ash has joined us for a summer intern placement, and we are thrilled to have her on board! If you are lucky enough to have a swanky-swank IoT dashboard from us, chances are, it will be designed by our amazing Ash!

Sharon has also been promoted to our Chief Customer Officer, and you may see more of her over the next few months! Whilst we’re on the customer topic - thank you to all who attended our CX (Customer Experience) and IoT webinar. We had amazing feedback, and a great turnout - meaning we could give £50 to UNICEF! If you missed this, do shout and we’ll share the link!

Also, Sharon has a chapter published in a best-selling CX book, and MetaB3e are featured as the case study! You can find it on Amazon now, titled ‘Customer Experience 2’.

We’ve also talked a lot about our CX pillars and how we make IoT easy and accessible. For this reason, we have IoTsy - which is our podcast series. So far, we’ve recorded four, they are all on Spotify, Google podcasts, and plenty of other platforms to listen to, or catch them on our YouTube channel! If you’d like to be a guest on a webinar or our podcast, please do get in touch. We can promise fun and laughter, and a MASSIVE attempt by the boys to ‘keep it clean’.

What else - ah yes… this time last year, we applied to NASA for a boarding pass; for our company name to fly to Mars, and this week, it was all systems, go at Cape Canaveral! We love looking at the Atlas-V541 rocket, seeing it’s trajectory, and thinking how MetaB3e Innovation has gone stratospheric!! Sounds familiar… (wink wink!)

If you want to deek at any of the above, chances are you’ll find a link to it here…

In a qu-bit,

Team MKL

P.S. For all our webinar attendees… “Wash your bum”

Insert manic laughter here!<
: )