Jul 21, 2019

MKL's Hard Work Pays Off

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And NOW… NOW!!! We are partnered with IoT.nxt! Who are backed by Vodafone. Yes - Vodafone. If you did not know how much hard work, balls, and good business brains were behind all this – someone could mistakenly say that there are some jammy people in MetaB3e!!! (Though that doesn’t really do it justice, as what was witnessed from the team was great strategy, drive and going over and above to be professional).

The boys have had their second visit to Den Hague, for more training leaving the wider MetaB3e Family at home. This time it seems there was no all out partying! John managed to behave himself and all that went down (that we know of) is a bit of karaoke… peeps back home tried to get in on the action with their own bit of home karaoke. Moving on swiftly… A swanky newly branded MetaB3e install sticker is currently getting jiggy (or dizzy?!) on the baggage belt of Amsterdam, shameless international plug.

Mark came to the big orange easyJet hanger in the sky (ok not in the sky) to kick off the customer insight project. Permanent marker, macaroons and follow up jokes including interrupting….Moo jokes have all manifested themselves. This dodgy joke has gone viral.

Saturday is strut your stuff on the catwalk day… ok maybe not, but certainly photoshoot for the new website day!!! Say what!!! The new site has Easter eggs!! You have to be impressed with that. If not, you can’t be our friend. Shoo.

Mark proved that brains are heredity when his kid smashed the entry tests to a posh new school, starting in September!!! Totally awesome!!

What else… well we’ve only gone and made a super-secret IoT project a thing!!! That’s my most eloquent of writing, right there. It lives!!! That was our first ever project as the MetaB3e family. The world wasn’t ready for us then, but now the MVP and the MOSCOW are now shared and are going to be a reality!!! If I was a little older (or younger?!) I would perhaps wet myself at this exciting news!! Our brainchild will become a reality! An actual product on the market of our own, AS WELL as all the seriously cool stuff (like raptors and sheeeeet) we already rock. We are literally running through walls.

In a bit! MetaB3e.