Jun 6, 2019

John's Beloved Passion Wagon.

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Bottom bumps aside; The ‘boys on tour’ bus has been all over the UK again recently, Surveying Pubs for EMS install, Shell, Wates, Microsoft (where they have dog kennels!!!) and SafeStay… meeting South African tech boys where everyone went a little giddy.

John passed his 18th edition. Thankfully this time it was the correct exam. He beat Douggie - this is all that matters (83.33% apparently) :-D He has also been unwittingly romancing Hedge Fund Managers and investors to pitch EMS for a 10-year rollout programme WOW!

Mark has been speaking to Chelsea Council on the EMS, very posh!! He has been doing training/engagement with IoT Tech……WHOOP WHOOP!!! Did anyone mention a Raptor edge gateway?!

The opportunities of this and the shared investment has got Mark pacing and losing sleep. Now there are more members in the No sleep camp! What do we say? Yep, sleep’s defo for wimps.

We now also have IWFM certification. We are just racking up these bad boys! Today the team are in the big Smoke - the institute of engineering and Tech. Cool.

Not long to go now until the ultimate road/ferry/plane/shuttle/magic carpet trip! This is for more training on IoT tech. The wider MetaB3e family will be looking on in envy as the team go to Amsterdam!! International men of mystery!!

In a bit! MetaB3e.