Jun 29, 2020

Howdy Partner(s!)

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The last time we virtually high-fived, we were in the thick of lockdown uncertainty - and we are so pleased to start seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We are in high spirits - so strap in for our usual swagger!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon, and (safely) meeting face to face - we’ve even given our offices a spruce-up in anticipation; with sexy demo wall, lava lamps and the coolest of wall art. The ‘lockdown look’ clearly suits some of us more than others…(when do the barbers etc open again?!!) I can only speak for myself - but a slightly podgier (cool word that) me is writing this today and I need to review my chocolate intake! Weight goals required… speaking of which…

We are all about setting (and then smashing!!) Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) at MetaB3e and are always striving to deliver world class tech and world class customer experience. In our Customer Experience (CX) strategy - one of our pillars is that we’ll ‘never roll a turd in glitter’; meaning we will only give our clients the very best tech and solutions possible. We’re a pretty smart team alone, but with our tech partners, we become awesome, and we know we’ll hulk-smash our BHAG’s all the quicker, together!

In our last update - we introduced our very own IoT platform (Renegade). That gave us great joy to share that and in true MetaB3e style - we have made a huge amount of progress on improving our platform during lockdown. Today’s focus is centred around showing appreciation and a big thank you to all of our tech partners who have helped us on our way. Here are some of our rockstars!

British Energy Saving Technologies (Best) - bring us our super cool and ultra swanky Energy Management Solution (EMS).

M5 - customisable sensors and gateway which allows us to test and pilot our solutions in a smart and safe way as we develop further functionality. We use these sensors when we visit clients to turn their office into a Smart Office, with our very own mobile demo kit (aka box of tricks!!)

Disruptive Technologies (DT) - our sensor provider which we can use as we scale up. The scrabble square sized sensors are an unobtrusive and clever way to collect and send data to our platform.

Distributed - with the top 10% of developers in the UK, Distributed bring us development resource, ensuring we build the very best front-end for our clients, a stable back-end and seamless integrations.

Dahua - we need our newest partner for security, thermal camera, and access control solutions. Let’s do this!!

To wrap around all of the above, and because we take security of our data extremely seriously; we are ensuring that we have all the correct cyber security accreditations, and are well on our way to receiving our Cyber Essentials certification. We are also following the IoT Security Foundation’s guidance so we now have the Best Practice User Mark! We’re also part of KTN UK (Knowledge Transfer Network - the UK’s leading Innovation Network), and we are a member of UK 5G Innovation hub. I know, I know, don’t get jealous now. We’re also exploring the patenting process for our IoT platform. Because well, there is nothing half-hearted about us… in Team MetaB3e, we are alllll in.

As usual - we have been working hard on sharing our story and what a game changer IoT can be for any business. We’ve featured in ‘This week in FM’ with an article, and we have an MetaB3e Minecraft world which we built and filmed to share what Iot means in a very simple, practical way (it even has a chopper and helipad. Swanky-swank!!).And we created a cartoon style IoT video aimed at students to inspire a passion for tech with Fortnite references! This was a huge hit, and has been our most popular video on YouTube yet!!

We have three webinars approaching, where we share more about IoT and how we can support you as you dip your toe into the water, if you haven’t used IoT before with our IoT starter kit (aptly named - Renegade Ignite!). If you’d like an invite to any of our webinars - do reach out to any of the team on any of our many channels, and we’ll be only too pleased to support you!

One of our webinars explores the link between IoT and CX - and on that subject we are pleased to share that we now have Sharon who has joined us as our Head of CX and Change! Sharon knows the business very well, as she has supported us (and cheered us on!) since MetaB3e began. She created our CX strategy with us, and next month she has a chapter being published in a global CX book - and our CX strategy will be published alongside her chapter!!! Sharon will keep a firm eye on our CX and the change programmes that we deliver as we scale up.

As well as all of the above, as usual we have many exciting projects in the pipeline such as a joint venture that we are exploring in the utilities sector, and several 5G initiatives. Plus our usual installs for new and existing clients and our hot off the press dashboards. There is always plenty to keep us out of mischief!!

So THANK YOU again to our amazing technical partners, we can’t wait to rock the world of IoT and 5G together!!

Instead of geeky facts today - we thought you might want to see our cool video mentioned above - its aimed at kids, but knock yourself out if you have a few mins for some light hearted entertainment courtesy of our MD!

The Awesome World of IoT For Kids #Awesome #IoT #Tech #iotforkids (Youtube)

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