Jan 30, 2021

Why why why long, dry January and a croc or two.

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I’m sat working away, daffodils on my desk, and our new full stack developer on Teams on my iPad! We have an eight hour time difference, but it still works like we are in the same room - isn’t tech great! He is enhancing our API’s today for our sexy IoT dashboards. I’d pretend I know the finer details of the difference between MQTT and HTTP connections but I wouldn’t want to tell porkies. Our Renegade IoT (Internet of Things) platform is getting a good slick lick of paint and a sh$t load of friskiness. We can’t wait to show you more!!!

Our team have been working their socks off! Mark has broken the news that he has ordered crocs. I’m hoping they’ll work their crocs off too… crocs HAVE to be the (what’s the word I’m searching for…) ‘foxiest’ footwear ever… right?!! I may have to put my foot down (pun intended) and ban him from wearing these around our customers! Or just people in general. Crocodiles… cool. Crocs… NOT so much.January has been hard hard hard HARD work! The team have had no breaks as many of our customers need critical maintenance this time of year, especially through our fantastic partnership with Bellrock. Luckily, none of us are afraid of hard work. However, it has also been the best January ever commercially so it has very much paid off! Booooom!!!

As a little change from Travel Lodge’s, John and Mark, booked in a couple of nights of an Air BnB whilst working away from home. It’s been so good finding a covid safe location. Instead of the usual pot noodles (affectionately called Fiddley Foodles - don’t ask) - the guys cooked an amazing Chicken Tikka Masala from scratch and made the rest of the team’s mouth water - who knew they had hidden talents?! (I’m sure I shared about the culinary prowess previously in the Fray Bentos blog? It seems we have upped our game in true MetaB3e style!)

This week we’ve been at the prestigious Lillie Square - a development in London where we are implementing our Digital FM and IoT solutions, in partnership with Wates. The site is full of black spots. Thankfully the team anticipated this and took their own portable network with them, which worked a treat, and we can see all the data flowing through from our sensors beautifully. The team took the opportunity to create a fun little video of the install, which involved the longest cable pull in the worrrrrrlllld and some dancing to Saturday Night fever to work out the cricks in the team’s backs! Nice mooooves.

What else have we been up to… Sharon was absolutely pumped to be nominated as a top 50 Influencer in the world of Customer Experience, by CX Magazine. She has also been supporting some of our clients with their voice of the customer workshops and running our 24/7 service help desk team.

Some of you may know that last year we had a chapter published in the Global Best Selling Customer Experience 2 book. Sharon has been invited to pen a chapter for the follow on book Customer Experience 3 - so watch this space!! Speaking of space - our last chapter was all about the rocket launch with NASA and SpaceX. This time we are going for a ‘dog food’ theme… not as weird as that sounds… all will be revealed soon!

We’re on Clubhouse now (new social media platform), if you are too, drop us a message and we’ll follow you! We’re also still on the look out for guests to our podcasts so track us down if you wanna chew the phat with us!

Next time we speak it’ll be almost spring and hopefully we’ll get to see your beautiful faces soon in person. But for now we’ll send you a virtual elbow/ankle bump and wish you a happy week!

In a while, crocodile…

Team MetaB3e